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Artist in Residence 2009

The fifth grade class of 2009 was a special group for me. This group of fifth graders first day of school was my first day as a teacher. I remember the look on each of your faces, you looked as nervous and excited as I felt. This only happens once and I was glad it was with this group of students.

To help mark this occasion, the Mahoosuc Arts Council sponsored an Artist in Residence program. Under the guidance of ceramic artist, Randy Fein we created a clay relief mural inspired by “Concepts of Creativity” for each school in the district. Each student helped create images that embodied creativity in the visual arts, music, theater, dance, and poetry. The clay creations were attached to the mural with fine precision from each student.

After the mural had been cut into pieces, the mural went through a slow drying process. The mural pieces were fired at Crescent Park school. The Murals at Andover and Woodstock school were made with self hardening clay. We painted the murals with acrylic paints and sealed them with acrylic poly.

800 pounds of clay, every 5th grader, countless hours, paint jars and brushes everywhere, and two very exhausted arts educators later we were left with a truly inspiring piece of art. I strongly believe that each 5th grader walked away from this creative experience with a true meaning of how important art education is in his or her life.
The clay relief mural has been permanently installed at each school to forever remind us of this wonderful group of children.

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  1. Anne Ingraham permalink
    October 30, 2009 8:54 am


    this is so amazing.. you must be so proud to contribute such a great piece to the school.


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