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January 16, 2013

It never ceases to amaze me; I can lose track of time and neglect my poor little blog.  We have been busy little artists in the Art room, working away at new projects and finishing up previous ones.  If I could have a wish as an art teacher, it would be to have art twice a week.  For most, 40 minutes is enough time for one day, but man, only seeing them once a week is tough.  Then you have a holiday or snow day thrown in and forget it, we are behind on curriculum and projects that should take 2 or 3 days take weeks.  Oh well, if there is a magic genie out there for art, please hear me out.  Art should always be in schools and we should meet twice a week.  Just sayin!


This was a second grade project inspired by Hundertwasser, we examined his works of art and discussed the use of shapes and lines.  Second graders used metallic markers to outline the buildings and construction paper crayons to color the picture in.  I think they turned out fabulous!


First grade created the cutest Cardinal collages.  We looked at the works of Charley Harper.  I find his work so inspiring and my students love it too!  We first painted paper with water paints and salt to create the colorful background in cool colors.  The next step was creating the cardinal with various shapes.  We used pages from a ripped up book I found for the tree.  A successful project!


Third grade finished these a while back, but I am just now getting to writing about them.  This was a challenge for Third graders, we discussed the way to draw a realistic portrait.  We followed the steps of where to draw the eyes (half way between the top of the head and the chin), where the nose is drawn (half way between the eyes and the chin) and the mouth is half way between the nose and chin.  We then looked at how far apart your eyes are and how wide the nose is.  It was fun, we practiced drawing A LOT and then set out to paint a self portrait.  They look amazing, and truly capture each students physical features!


Some years I have huge success with Mouse Paint and the introduction of Primary Colors, and other times it is a flop.  This year with my Kinders it was more of a flop.  We start by reading the story together and then we do a huge activity with my Interactive White board.  We talk about how the primary colors make the other colors in the rainbow and so on.  Then we set to work drawing three mice standing in a puddle of paint.  I go around the room and place a couple drops of the primary colors under each mouse.  From there we use our little fingers to dance in the color and walk it towards another pre-drawn puddle.  Eventually the colors are mixed and we have a color wheel.

When I say flop, I mean flop because the kids are way too excited to paint and less motivated to pay attention to the color wheel process.  What I have discovered is, I need to do more painting activities before this project so they are not so excited to get messy!  10 years later, I still have things to fix and change about my lessons.


Fifth grade has created some amazing portraits inspired by the artist, James Rizzi.  His work is very motivating for this age group.  They get his work, they love the colors and shapes and it makes them giggle.  We looked at his works, watched an interview with him and another art class and then set to work creating portraits using his technique and style.  Watercolors was the final touch to add the vibrant colors.

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