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Art Show Part II

June 1, 2012

First Grade learned about the Southern region of America and created Rocket Ships and Astronauts after reading about Port Canaveral.

Kindergarten looked at the Southwest of America and we created Cowboy and Cowgirl Portraits!  So cute!!

Kindergarten also read the story about the Trickster, the Coyote, from the Southwest.  We painted papers and used them to cut out Coyotes and Cacti.

Fifth grade focused on the Northeast region of America.  We looked at the American Flag and how it is a symbol of the United States.  We had fun painting papers with Red, white, and Blue and then cutting the papers up to make our own interpretation of the Flag.

I have been crazy busy trying to photograph work for Artsonia.  I have HUGE piles of artwork all over my classroom.  I did a ton of it today with more to do!  Next week, I will start the madness of sending home work!

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  1. September 13, 2012 9:27 am

    I especially like your rocketships and trickster coyote pictures! I’ll bet the kids had a great time with these! I’d love you to visit me at Dream Painters 🙂

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