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Kinder lines

November 14, 2011

Phew, first quarter is finished and I have a big pile of work to photograph and post to Artsonia!  The above work is an example of a project I did with Kindergarten.  We spend a huge amount of time learning and identifying various lines.  After all the focus on line, it is easier to introduce SHAPE.  The little nuggets need a lot of practice drawing shapes on their own.   We use shape tracers with crayons to practice.  Then I give them white crayons to draw their own secret shapes.  Then later, when we use water color paints, the secret shapes appear like magic!

Using the white crayon and drawing secret shapes helps encourage each student to paint the entire paper.  So many times, I have a student that only paints inside the shapes or just around the shapes.  In this project, I want to promote self discovery and practice using the art tools the proper way.  It isn’t about painting a certain way.

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