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What we do in Kindergarten Art class

November 2, 2011

It is always joyous when the new Kindergarten students enter the art room for the first time.  Minutes later, chaos sets in as each child asks who I am? Why I have a sink?  Why is there paint on the counter?  Can I go to the bathroom? Can I go to the bathroom too?  Did you know I have a cat? Why are we here?  What is that on the table?  I want to go home.  Do you have a mommy?  I miss my mommy.

Mean while I try and introduce Line.  “Class, did you know that a line is a dot that went for a walk?”; “Teacher, I need to go to the bathroom?”and “I have a sister, do you have a sister?”  “I need to go to the bathroom too!”  Eventually, the entire class needs to use the bathroom.

Slowly but surely, the new Kinders get used to the way the art room operates and we have a pretty consistent way of doing things.  Eventually we learn about line and why it is important.  We create a few art projects all about line and the next thing you know, each student is capable of making a pretty good turtle filled with various lines!

Next up was shape.  “When a line bends, a shape begins” is our prompt and every student practices drawing shapes.  We paint shapes, we draw shapes and we cut out shapes.   It has been fun so far, and the bathroom requests are starting to diminish.  Maybe by Christmas they will all remember to go before Art class!

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