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Fall Art Projects

October 20, 2011

Kindergarten used sponges to create ghosts and torn green paper for the grass.  Small squares of orange papers were used to cut out circles for pumpkins and then I added glittery “boos” and swirls to finish the picture. This was a great lesson to work on cutting and gluing skills.

First graders created Halloween collages.  Each student was given a couple pieces of brown, orange and white paper.  They were also provided a black piece.  The papers were cut into trees, pumpkins, ghosts and haunted houses.  The details were added with colored pencils.  A Spooktacular project!


Third graders traced their hands to start this unique portrait project.  The idea was to create an illusion where it looked like we were falling down towards something.  We used sharpies and watercolors to complete the look!

Fourth grade looked at how to the element of art, Space, in the drawing project.  We talked about how you can fill the paper and make people look squished in a tight space.  This was a tough concept to understand, but it is a start.  The facial expressions are my favorite part!

Fifth graders have been working on observational drawing.  We all took a trip outside to draw our school.  Woodstock and Crescent Park students spent 40 minutes trying to use perspective drawing skills and plain old determination to capture the school on paper.  I am very impressed with how they are turning out!


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