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A new school year!

September 1, 2011

Amazingly, I took the entire summer off from Blogging.  I needed to take time away to re-vitalize my energy and love for blogging.   I love blogging, but find it hard to squeeze in the time to do it!  Last year, I promised myself I would blog once a week and I was able to do that for a while…..ha!

What happened to my blogging routine; Artsonia!  It took up a lot of time but I loved it.  I remember fighting the idea of joining it and uploading all the artwork would eat away at my free time.    It is time consuming but very worth it.  I was able to raise some money and buy some fun supplies I could never justify ordering with my budget.  That allowed for some extra details added to certain projects.  Not to mention the positive feedback from the parents and families!

So my goal this year is to find the balance between blogging and Artsonia.  I will figure it out.   I enjoy sharing with the world what I am up to in the Art Room and also enjoy using an online gallery for friends and family to look at student work and comment.    I won’t give either up.

Every year, I try to change my rooms around.  Well, I can’t really move much around in my CPS classroom because of the odd shape.  I did manage to add some new visual elements to the space.  The Art History Time line was a huge endeavor and took a lot longer to make then I anticipated, but I have already had lots of students reading it and discovering new things.  SCORE for Ms. I!!

A few new handmade posters have been added to the room.  I have always struggled with ways to teach the art of glue.  I made up a little song and made it into a poster.   Hopefully, I can get the message out to all my students!  I also made a “If You Are Finished, what can you do” poster with lots of simple activities that anyone can do to help me out.  There are a few kids in every class that just love to help and all they will have to do now is refer to the poster!  Ta-dah!

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