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Passing Back all the work

June 6, 2011

So, I was curious about how many pieces of art work is created in my room during the school year.  Artsonia keeps a running tab of how many pieces I upload to the site.  That number is, 1353, with more artwork being uploaded later!  Now we need to consider that not all of the art work gets uploaded to the site; lets add in another 200 pieces of artwork.  Let us just estimate that about 18oo pieces of art is created in my Art room at Crescent Park school and then another 600 or so pieces combined at Woodstock and Andover school!   WOW!!

No wonder, my brain is scattered sometimes.  Just goes to show how organized I have to be.  I am an organized person in general; but it is very crucial in the art room.  I have a system that generally works; I admit that more recently artwork has started to pile up!

My system of organizing all the work is pretty simple.  I collect the finished work in a box labeled “Finished Work”.  I photograph the work and upload it to Artsonia.  Then it is sorted and placed in the owner’s portfolio.  The portfolios are sorted according to class rooms and grade.  I keep 3 plastic rubber maid bins behind my desk.  If students’ are working and don’t need my help, I will sit and file art.

As I said, it is really a simple method.  I fold 18×24″ tag board paper in half, leaving an inch exposed for the name to be written on.  The folder follows the student up through his or her career at the school.  Art work is handed back every year in June.   When June arrives, we are not really starting any new projects, we spend our last class or two decorating portfolios to take home that way I can keep the ones I made year to year.

Now I only have to make new portfolios for my new Kindergartners in the fall.  I keep extras on hand for new students’ that might join us mid year.

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