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Folktales, Fables and Fairy tales

February 10, 2011

It has been a long week so far…..a full week of school with out snow days and my brain and body feels it!  I started the Art Show projects this week.  I decided this years theme would be Folktales, Fables, and Fairy tales.  So far, the students’ love it!  All grades will create a portrait but it will be based on a fairy tale.

Hopefully, I will be able to get some in-progress pictures up of some of the projects.  I am really looking forward to this year’s theme.  It always makes for a cohesive presentation of the student work.  Plus, the Music teacher will have a performance the same night.  She will be trying to have the songs tie in with the theme too!

I want to brag for a minute.  This year I took the time and effort to put student work up on Artsonia.  Sometimes, stacks of work pile up on my desk and shelves.  The work stares at me waiting to be photographed and posted on the site.  The hard work has been well worth it.    Parents, Kids, friends, and faculty have all given positive feedback.  We also have been able to raise a little bit of money for new aprons and picture frames.   Well, last week, I was notified that one of my student’s at Woodstock school was a finalist for Artist of the Week in the K-3 age group.    People that visit the site and vote all over the country selected his “Zentangle” as the winner!  Woo hoo MAx!  Artsonia sent Max a plaque and a $50 gift certificate to Dick Blick art supplies.  In addition, they sent me a $100 gift certificate to Dick Blick!

So congratulations to Max!  Well done!


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