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5th Grade Sandwiches

February 1, 2011

I started a collage project with Fifth grade this week.  Sandwiches is the subject; shape and texture are the elements of art.  We started out with colored paper and books with samples of cloth.  I picked up a bunch of the sample books at the teachers free store in Portland!  Yay, great find!

The size of cloth samples are perfect for a table cloth!

A piece of colored paper was selected for the plate.  Each student needed to cut out an oval that gave the illusion of a plate sitting on a table top.

For the bread shapes, we used cardboard and cut out the shapes.  Some of the kids wanted to add texture to the surface to make it look like it was grilled.  I suggested pealing the top part off so the corrugated part was revealed.  We soaked the shapes in water and then gently peeled off the top layer.

The next class was all about adding sandwich ingredients.  We spent some t

ime talking about the various items you might put in a sandwich.  I also suggeste

d being creative and using your imagination.  This doesn’t have to be a sandwich you would eat.

We talked about shape; using only paper to describe something with out using line from a drawing tool.  I demonstrated how to make a few food items.   The demo really got them all excited to get working!



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