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Kinder Clay

January 26, 2011

Clay always gets the kids excited!  Kindergarten kiddos’ don’t always know what clay really is; they think its play dough.  So, I usually show a little Keynote slide show on where clay comes from and how it is different from the infamous play dough.  After a lengthy discussion there are always questions; which are really just stories they want to share.

I think it’s very important to spend a class playing with the clay; it doesn’t matter how old they are.  I want them to get out the urges to stab, pound, pull it apart, and stretch the clay.  Then the next class is devoted to actually learning how to manipulate the clay.

Kinders’ learn how to knead the clay.  I only giving them a small amount, about the size of a golf ball.  The little hands can’t quite squish anymore then that.  They think I am very strong when I squish it and knead it.  I am a super hero in their eyes!  Tah-dah!  After we have spent time kneading it; we start rolling it into a ball.  The ball of clay is put on the table and flattened into a pancake.   We use our arm strength and the flat of our hand to flatten the clay.

In honor of the upcoming Valentines Day, I decided we would make hearts.  The kids used wooden sticks to draw a heart shape on their pancake and then dragged the stick through the clay to cut it out.  We used stamps and various textures to press into the clay and then poked a hole at the top so we can hang them later.

I will show you the results next posting!

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  1. February 1, 2011 11:53 pm

    Great thinking! So many kids do not have the fine motor skills to make the clay do what they want it to. Giving them a chance to practice, squish, roll and feel that clay is so important! I am working with clay on my blog this week, too! So many fun adventures (and exhausting!)

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