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Last Minute Change of Plans

January 19, 2011

It happens;  you have all your plans ready to go for your class.  Then the happy students’ arrive and half of them are missing!  Now I can only speak for myself, but when that situation happens I throw my plans for that class out the window and come up with a “one day” project.

I only meet with each class once a week and it proves to be very difficult to keep everyone caught up when one class period is a significant amount of work time.  If it is a lengthy project; it might not be a big deal when a few students miss a day, but when a project only takes two class days to finish; missing half the class changes things.

Today, for example, my third grade class at WES was very small.  Some were home sick and others were participating in a theater residency made possible by the Mahoosuc Arts Council.  So when six students walked in, lesson plans went out the window.  Instead, I had a student ask how to draw a cube.  From there a quick tutorial on how to draw a cube was implemented and a drawing was started including a cube!

I think this just goes to show how much stuff we “art teachers” carry around in our heads.  I was able to pull out an idea and go with it for a quick one day project!  Hopefully next week, most of the class will be there so I can keep my plans on schedule!

Jack in the Box by Sierra

Home by Tyzel

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  1. July 26, 2011 2:32 pm

    Hello Fellow Art Goddess,
    I just discovered your blog and am mightily impressed. From your method of storing student art in portfolios to your use of themes for different grade levels, you are really in the groove. I was struck by the comment that you made about having half a class walk in when you’re in the middle of a large project and only seeing your kids once a week. Being able to let go of that day’s plan and pulling out a “one day” project made me realize even more than I already knew, that we art teachers are so cosmically linked! I do the same thing you did with cubes after 25 years of using my go to guy, Captain Mark Kistler and his Draw Squad lessons. I aspire to using Artsonia but have yet to dive in. The time requirements for uploading etc. are difficult with three schools of which only one has an art room. I look forward to following you this year. Check out my “newbie” blog at,

    Cheers! Pat

    • July 26, 2011 8:39 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment. It is always nice to hear from fellow art teachers young ones and experienced ones. It is a lot of work to keep a blog going, but it is nice to know it is reaching some lovely “art goddess'” like myself!

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