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Symmetrical Robot Portraits

January 11, 2011

Codi from AES

Emma from AES













Happy Tuesday!  My first graders and a few second graders at Andover School have been examining symmetry and how it is used to make art.  I was able to find some time to create a Keynote symmetry slide show with fun animations and numerous examples of symmetry.  I even threw in a portrait of Hannah Montana!

We used colored construction paper, our hands and glue to tear out a symmetrical face of a robot and then used the scrap paper bins to add facial details.  Every piece was torn with our fingers and glued down to create some very colorful gadgets!  Black paint and circular odds and ends were used to print on eyes, nuts, bolts, and screws for the final touch!

This was  fun, quick, and simple project that helped focus on symmetry and shape!

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