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Piles of Art

November 22, 2010

That box is over-flowing with art work I need to photograph!  Time to call in the volunteers I think.  It appears more daunting then it really is.  I just need to sit down and do it.  Expect Artsonia to be updated sometime today with new stuff from the kiddos!

Third grade created some fantastic drawings using perspective and space.  We used the SMARTboard to look at examples of perspective.  Lots of images of cities were used.  We looked at how overlapping is used to create the illusion of depth on a flat piece of paper.

We used some images from Flickr to manipulate so that we all could better understand what scale is and how an artist might use it to give the viewer more information.  We pulled a picture of a young girl and an image of an insect.  We know that a person is bigger then a bug.  But when we used the smartboard to enlarge the bug, it became bigger then the girl.  Everyone got the idea of scale and how you can change the size and compare it to something else.

With all of that information we gathered and looked at, Third graders’ set off to create a drawing of a city with a giant something invading the city!  It was a fun project that took a long time to finish!

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