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First Grade Pinch Pots

October 30, 2010

We made pinch pots in Kindergarten back in September.  It takes a while to get them all fired because I had to wait for all of my Kindergarten classes at all three schools to finish and dry out.  We created the pinch pots in one art class and used another class to paint them with underglaze.  The firing was successful and we didn’t lose a single pot!  Phew!  Of course, now I have a few extra because I always make a couple in-case of a firing mishap.

Yesterday, I dipped all of the pinch pots in the clear glaze.  What a process.  Some of the kiddos were concerned that I had ruined them because they look all white again.  Rest assure, they will be back to their bright colors!  Hopefully the second round of firing is as successful as the first!

After I display them for a couple weeks, all the pinch pots will be sent home in time for the holidays.  I believe there are quite a few kids that plan to give the pinch pots as gifts!

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  1. tim permalink
    November 12, 2010 12:50 pm

    awsome that is great work

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