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Artsonia: Online Children’s Art Museum

September 30, 2010

Hey everyone!  I have been up to my ears in artwork created by all of my students!  I have had piles of art sitting on my desk, my work table, my paper cutting station, and my little desk by the door, all waiting to be photographed and published!  I want to continue publishing everyone’s work online, but feel that Flickr isn’t the greatest place to do that.  So lots of research has gone into the best source for a way to show off the work!

This leads me to discussing Artsonia.  This is a great online Student art museum.  A parent suggested it to me a while back, but I just couldn’t grasp the idea of publishing everyone’s work consistently.  Well, I am challenging myself to do this.  I think it will be a great opportunity to do some fund-raising for the art room and allow parents and family members to share what my students have been creating! So, I ask all of my parents to head on over and sign up!  Christmas is around the corner and there are some great ways of using your child’s art work to make some gifts! 

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