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Welcome Back

August 30, 2010

Phew!  Is it really time to start school again?  I don’t actually feel like I had a vacation because I was here at school everyday working for the MKA Summer Adventure Program.  I didn’t actually step foot in my classroom so at least there was a break from that!

My summer was precious, even if it was spent at school.  I had a great time swimming with the kids and creating special summer memories with  everyone!  I work with a great group of staff members too; that makes it so much easier and more fun! So it was sad to end camp and settle into the school schedule again.  Once I was in my art room, all the excitement and ideas came flooding back!

It took a few days of working in my room to get it back to an organized manner.  I added a few new things here and there. Below are a few pictures of my classroom at CPS.  I used this software program called DoubleTake to stitch the photos together.  I will try and do the same at my other schools later this week!

I tried to number things when I talk about my room to help figure out what I am talking about!

1.  My smartboard!  Love it and I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my teaching.  That is my goal this year!  It is smaller then most because it has the ability to travel but I don’t use it that way and now I wish I had asked for the normal sized one.  Oh well.  2. The green carpet is where my littles'(k-2) sit when they come into art.  We discuss what we will do for the day on the carpet, sometimes I read a story.  I find having them sit first helps keep everyone focused.  3.  That is where my desk is.  I opted to get rid of the traditional desk because it was too big and didn’t really house my things efficiently any way.  4.  My lovely kiln.  I am so lucky to have one!  5.  The large pink cabinet is where I store my ceramic tools, projects, glazes and any other mish-mash of things.  6.  I bought 4 plastic drawer organizers to keep my paintbrushes, watercolors, paint sponges, empty paint cups and lids, and any other painting tool in.  I labeled the front of each drawer so that I can find things quickly and so can my students.  When you have 5 minutes to clean up and get ready for your next class…organization is very important!  7.  Is my HUGE closet for storage, I  will have to show you how big it is sometime!  8.  This is where my two drying racks are placed.  Below is a purple curtain with a few drawer organizers behind allowing for more storage of painting tools.  I made the purple curtain myself and used an adjustable curtain rod.  9. Behind the drying racks are my two sinks.  I also bought a blue step stool for my kinders to use when they need to wash up.  10.  This is the free choice counter space.  There you will find markers, crayons, stamps, colored pencils, paper, coloring sheets, the mega pencil sharpener and scissors.  Student’s go to this counter when they complete a project before class is over.  11.  The doorway into or out of the art room.

1. Another cabinet for storage of drawing tools, glue, and tape.  I added some of those removable plastic hooks to hang the aprons off of.  I found it easier for the kids to be able to see the aprons.  2. I created some cloth curtains around tables to hide my portfolio bins.  The portfolio bins house every student’s collection of work during the school year.  3.  My Job bulletin board shows what each table has to help with at the end of art class.  Everyone is always eager to help and this board helps me manage job assignments and minimize too many kids washing tables or helping at the sink. 4.  This table is where I put any teaching materials I may need or supplies to hand out.  I also have large folders that hold in-progress projects from each class.  The folders are kept in a larger folder for each day of the week.  5.  New Elements of Art Posters.  My old ones were just that, old.  I love these new ones, very colorful.  6. The marker board where I do a lot of drawing.  I have my schedule posted for the day in the top left corner along with a poster below it that tells the kids what they can do to help me.  The “ARTIST” rules are posted on the right hand side of the board.  The Loon picture was something I created when I was in Fifth Grade! 8.  The Artist Spotlight board.  I try to change it every month with a new artist for the kids to learn about.

1.  If you can’t tell, I have a lot of windows.  Those two windows look down to the main lobby of the school.  I love having that birds eye view of the lobby.  2.  These windows do not open and look out to the roof above the library.  It provides wonderful natural light and we always know when we are getting rain or snow!  The only downfall, they don’t open and my room gets very hot!

So there is a detailed glimpse at Ms. I’s art room at CPS.  PHEW!

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