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First Grade

June 8, 2010

I am starting to catch up on all the art work that has been created in my classes over the last couple of months.  The art show preparation took up so much time that I kept putting the blog on the back burner.  Now that school is winding down, I have time to focus on uploading art work to Flickr.

Here are a couple art projects that First grade created this last quarter.   We used Stuart Davis as inspiration for using the alphabet to create marker drawings.  We also spent some time looking at Claude Monet.  First grade always seems to enjoy learning all about Monet and why he painted the same thing over and over.  We tried to paint just like Monet did with bright colors and dabbing the paint quickly to capture an “impression” of what we felt.

Liam by luvsnow.


Mrs. Meader’s Class

Mrs. Charette’s Class

Mrs. DeCarolis Class

Mrs. Wentworth’s Class

Bella by luvsnow.

Alphabet Art

Mrs. D’s Class

Mrs. Charette’s Class

Mrs. Meader’s Class

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