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More Art Show stuff

May 18, 2010

This was the 4th and 5th grade wing of art work

Mural by Mrs. DeLallo’s class with Second grade House collages.  We examined the landscapes and climate of Mexico and learned about Adobe houses.

Second grade guitars inspired by Mexican Mariachi music.

Fifth grade looked at Zapotec weavings and painted our own weaving designs with acrylic paint.  The murals are measured roughly around 18″x 36″

Fourth Grade created radial designs to frame foiled mirrors.  After the Spanish colonized Mexico, they brought tin with them and the indigenous people started using it to create tin artwork.

Fourth grade also created these colorful streamers that we hung from the ceiling in front of the office.  They are a bright greeting to anyone that enters the school!

Third grade also looked at tin work and used it as inspiration for their own foil design.  Images that remind us of Mexico were used for the subject matter.

Third grade also painted bright colorful Parrots that we might see in the Mexican jungles.  Ms. Card’s class painted two large trees to help display the birds!  I had to use a very tall ladder to get all that up!  Good thing I am not afraid of heights!

I want to make sure to pay credit to this art teacher over at Painted Paper.  She has a lot of fun ideas that inspired a lot of the art show projects!  Thanks!

Please check out the CPS art show page to see more!

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