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May 14, 2010

WOW!  It’s been over a month since my last post??!!  Really? Well time has certainly flown by and I just want you to know that my lack of upkeep with this blog wasn’t because of pure laziness.  I was so busy getting ready for two art shows!  They both were fabulous and well worth all the hard work!

Someone asked me why I don’t put up an art show at Andover School.  I don’t because I am able to hang up almost all of the work created there because of the smaller number of students.  I am unable to keep up with that at the other two schools.

The Art Show at Woodstock had a cloud theme.  I painted large pieces of paper with clouds and used them as the back drop for the student work!  As always, I get to look at the student work in a different light when hanging it all up.  It takes me longer to hang up work because I have to stop and “ohhh” and “ahhh” over each one.  It’s almost like I am seeing it for the first time!

The Crescent Park school Art Show was on Cinco de Mayo this year so I thought it was appropriate to have a Mexican theme.  I pulled a lot of inspiration and a few project ideas from a fabulous art teacher over at her blog Painted Paper.   Each grade level learned about specific art forms from the Mexican culture.

Kindergarten created Papel Picado banners.  The paper cut outs are used to decorate for parades and fiestas!  Monarch Butterflies always fly south to Mexico in the fall.  Kindergarten created large and colorful butterflies.

Click here to see all of Kindergarten Butterflies

First grade spent some time learning about the customary clothing worn in many Mexican communities.  People who live in small villages often wear clothes like those of their ancestors.  We created some  self portraits of ourselves wearing a Huipil (Wee-peel) and sombrero.  We also created some decorated vases filled with flowers sitting on a patterned table cloth.

Click here to see First grade flower vases

I will talk more about what 2-5 created in my next post!  Stay tuned!

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